Crane System Duet Concertina


Crane & Sons Ltd. were large musical instrument manufacturers in Liverpool. The system was adopted by the Salvation Army under the name “Triumph” from 1912. A later Wheatstone brochure claimed that was because of “the disposition of the keys being more suited to the playing of sacred music”.

wilston-bulstrode-crane-tutor Crane's Patent English Combination Concertina Tutor
by H. Wilston-Bulstrode
The earliest tutor for Crane-system duets, published for Crane's of Liverpool. Contains key diagrams for instruments from 35 keys to 55 keys, theory, exercises, and a number of tunes. Published by Lachenal & Co., c. 1896. 54 pages. From the introduction: “Crane's Patent English Combination Concertina has already won for itself a name among the best-known masters of the instrument. Its capacity of execution, sweetness of tone and adaptability for Harmonic combinations, taken with the striking ease with which it may be learnt, even by the least gifted musicians, must in due time cause it to be generally regarded as the leading Concertina in the market, a position which Messrs Crane & Sons Ltd. unhesitatingly claim for it.”
Posted 15 February 2003
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butterworth-crane-patent-1896 Improvements in English Concertinas (1896)
by John Butterworth
British Patent No. 21,730, Provisional Specification, (28 September 1896), and Complete Specification (29 June 1897), with two figures. 3 pages. The patent describing the “Crane” (or “Triumph”) duet concertina system. Crane & Sons Ltd. were large musical instrument manufacturers in Liverpool. The system was adopted by the Salvation Army under the name “Triumph” from 1912, and eventually Wheatstone was claiming it was because of “the disposition of the keys being more suited to the playing of sacred music”.
Posted 15 February 2003
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wheatstone-fingering-systems Fingering Systems of the “Wheatstone” Concertina
by C. Wheatstone & Co.
A leaflet showing the four concertina systems made by Wheatstone in the late 1950s: English, Anglo, Chidley duet, and Crane/Triumph duet. As was Wheatstone’s invariable practise, the Chidley system is called simply the “Wheatstone Duet” (as the Maccann system had also been styled previously), and there is no mention of the fact that the keyboard layout has been changed—apart from the evidence of the keyboard diagram. The printing is apparently before 1956, but this copy was issued with overstamping dating from at least 1959. Collected by Chris Algar.
Posted 15 February 2003
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hayden-all-systems-duet-workshop All-Systems Duet Workshop Tutor
by Brian Hayden
Tutor for a workshop on how to play duet concertinas of all systems. Begins with notation, fingering, and chords for Maccann Duets, Jeffries Duets, Crane (Triumph) Duets, and Hayden Duets. Tunes of progressive difficulty, with increasing number of notes and then in keys with increasing numbers of accidentals, all written in notation based on the treble clef. Notes on chord patterns and on strategies for melody and accompaniment applicable to all systems of duet concertina. Presented to The West Country Concertina Players, 1994. 20 pages.
Posted 15 August 2003
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braun-crane-recordings Kurt Braun's Crane Duet Recordings
by Kurt Braun
MP3 recordings of Kurt Braun playing his Crane Duet, Crabb #10555, an instrument made in 1950 by Henry Crabb for his own use.
Posted 15 August 2003
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pricelists-wheatstone-duet Wheatstone Duet Concertina Pricelists
collected by Chris Algar
Most of these pricelists were found in old concertina cases. From internal evidence it is possible to date the lists c. 1910 to c. 1965 (plus one very early pricelist for Double duets c. 1850). These lists contain information about Wheatstone model numbers and descriptions which are useful to interpret the Wheatstone Concertina Ledgers. See also English pricelists from Wheatstone. See also Anglo pricelists from Wheatstone.
Posted 15 February 2003
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pricelist-vickers-1935 J. J. Vickers Concertinas Pricelist circa 1935
collected by Chris Algar
Dealer's pricelist from J. J. Vickers listing models and prices for English, Duet, and Anglo concertinas, including instruments made by C. Wheatstone & Co., Lachenal & Co., Jeffries, Jones, Shakespeare, Case, Chidley, Crane, and Crabb. Dated c. 1935 by internal evidence.
Posted 07 March 2005
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horniman-wheatstone-concertina-ledgers Wheatstone Concertina Ledgers on the Web
by the Horniman Museum
Historical business records from C. Wheatstone & Co. are held at the Library of the Horniman Museum in London. The earliest ledgers from the Wayne Archives contain company sales records from the late 1830s to the 1860s (though with some large gaps) along with production records from the 1860s to the 1890s and some early records of wages and other payments. Later ledgers from the Dickinson Archives contain production records from 1910 to 1974, again with some gaps. All known ledgers have been digitized (some 2,300 pages in total) and made available free on this website for private research.

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Posted 15 April 2003; Updated 15 June 2005
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crane duet, twelve-sided wheatstone #35352
Crane-System Duet Concertina
Ebony 55-key 12-sided #35352
Wheatstone, London, 1941