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Resources in the Concertina Library for concertina music.

cornell-beginners A Beginner's Set of Duet Concertina Arrangements
by David Cornell
Six arrangements all in the key of C and progressing from easy to more difficult, with detailed comments on fingering and technique and a diagram of left hand bass pattersns. Includes: On Top of Old Smokey (two versions), Oh Susanna, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Sweet Sixteen, and Scotland the Brave. 18 pages.
Posted 27 December 2001
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cornell-homepage New Arrangements of Music for Maccann Duet Concertina
by David Cornell
Dirctory of contributions by David Cornell.
Posted 15 December 2001
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cornell-compendium Compendium of Arrangements for the Maccann Duet Concertina
by David Cornell
A single document containing forty-six intermediate to advanced arrangements plus an introduction to notation. (Includes all arrangements on this website.) 66 pages.
Posted 27 December 2001; last updated 02 November 2002
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cornell-christmas Christmas Music for Concertina
by David Cornell
Christmas music arranged for Maccann Duet concertina. Includes Coventry Carol (with comments), Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Joy to the World, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.
Posted 15 December 2004
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stanley-arrangements Arrangements of Music for Maccann Duet Concertina
by Henry Stanley
Arrangements of music by Henry Stanley of Birmingham, a leading teacher and performer on the Maccann Duet concertina from the period between world wars, and an early member of the International Concertina Association. Stanley used his beautiful musical calligraphy to write personal arrangements and tutors for his many pupils. Most items from the Cecil C. White Archive of Henry Stanley Arrangements for Maccann Duet Concertina, augmented by contributions from Richard Evans and others.
Posted 22 January 2005
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blagrove-fantasia-english-airs Fantasia on English Airs for the Concertina
by Richard Blagrove
Fantasia on English Airs for the Concertina. With Piano-Forte Accompaniment. Introducing "The Curly Headed Ploughboy", "The Banks of Allan Water", "Cherry Ripe", & "The Roast Beef of Old England". Composed & Dedicated to his Pupil Arthur G. Theed, Esq. by Richard Blagrove. London, C. Wheatstone & Co., Inventors and Patentees of the Concertina. 20, Conduit St., Regent St., W. Where may be had all Mr. Richard Blagrove's compositions. Price 6d. [No date. 11 pages.]
Posted 15 November 2005
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atlas-church-bells Imitation of Church Bells and Organ, arranged by Henri Albano
by Allan W. Atlas
Notes on and reproduction of music for one of the perennial staples of concertina performance. As published in The Free-Reed Journal, 3 (2001) 108-112.
Posted 15 January 2005
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ica-library-site ICA Library
by Dave Bissett, Librarian
Library of the International Concertina Association, listing of music holdings which include about 150 arrangements for the Maccann Duet concertina and many arrangements for English concertinas. (Music is not yet available on the net, and can only be copied for members.)
Posted 15 December 2001
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digby-faking-examples “Faking It”: a dozen examples
by Roger Digby
Musical examples to accompany the web publication of “Faking It”. Twelve tunes that are common in sessions and include most of the dance rhythms, six tunes in C and six in G as the most common Anglo keys. Each tune is represented by the music (printed without chords), and also by a sound file of Roger Digby playing the Anglo concertina as you might hear at a casual session. Originally presented at a workshop for the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust, 2004. Tunes include: Blaydon Races, Dannish Waltz, Dorset Four Hand Reel, Family Jig, Galopede, Greensleeves, Harry Cox’s Schottisch, Keel Row, Shepton Mallet Hornpipe, The Man in the Moon, Three Around Three, and Winster Galop.
Posted 15 August 2005
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Alexander Prince (Chris Algar Collection)
Alexander Prince,
virtuoso of the 81-key
Maccann Duet Concertina