H. Crabb and Son


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digby-crabb-and-son H. Crabb & Son, Concertina Makers
by Roger Digby
A brief history of Crabb, written in 1978 as the firm neared 150 years in business. Accompanying photographs of the Crabbs and the Islington premises by Bob Naylor. Originally published in Folk News, 1978. Republished with different photographs at Concertina.net.
Posted 15 August 2005
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digby-crabb-notes Neville Crabb’s Notes on Crabb History
from Roger Digby
Two pages of manuscript notes written by Neville Crabb c. 1978 as material for Roger Digby to use in writing a brief historical note on Crabb Concertinas. Originally published at Concertina.net.
Posted 15 August 2005
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digby-acquired-crabb How I Acquired My Crabb
by Roger Digby
The story of how Roger Digby moved to Islington and found himself buying his first quality instrument from Neville Crabb in 1974. Originally published at Concertina.net.
Posted 15 August 2005
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braun-crane-recordings Kurt Braun's Crane Duet Recordings
by Kurt Braun
MP3 recordings of Kurt Braun playing his Crane Duet, Crabb #10555, an instrument made in 1950 by Henry Crabb for his own use.
Posted 15 August 2003
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pricelist-vickers-1935 J. J. Vickers Concertinas Pricelist circa 1935
collected by Chris Algar
Dealer's pricelist from J. J. Vickers listing models and prices for English, Duet, and Anglo concertinas, including instruments made by C. Wheatstone & Co., Lachenal & Co., Jeffries, Jones, Shakespeare, Case, Chidley, Crane, and Crabb. Dated c. 1935 by internal evidence.
Posted 07 March 2005
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H. Crabb with sons in front of premises
Harry Crabb with sons Neville
(left) and Geoff (right)
in front of premises in
Liverpool Road, Islington
(Bob Naylor)