Concertinas in Garland Films

Barry Callaghan

Contributions to the Concertina Library by Barry Callaghan.

callaghan-reuben-shaw-video           Garland Films Presents: “Reuben Shaw—Duet Concertina Player”
by Barry Callaghan
On 7 February 1987, Barry Callaghan of Garland Films with fieldworker Graham Coyne filmed a lengthy interview and demonstration, in which Reuben Shaw talks about his life and music. He discusses early performers, his difficulties in finding music to study, and plays the Maccann Duet concertina from some of his collection of Henry Stanley manuscript arrangements. This film has been available from Garland Films on PAL VHS tapes for some time, but now the entire film is available on this website and is available on DVD from Garland Films. STATUS: Article is online now with still pictures, but video clips are not yet available for streaming (in production now).
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german 2-row octagon concertina
Clip from Garland Films’
documentary of Reuben Shaw
playing the duet concertina