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blagrove-fantasia-english-airs Fantasia on English Airs for the Concertina
by Richard Blagrove
Fantasia on English Airs for the Concertina. With Piano-Forte Accompaniment. Introducing "The Curly Headed Ploughboy", "The Banks of Allan Water", "Cherry Ripe", & "The Roast Beef of Old England". Composed & Dedicated to his Pupil Arthur G. Theed, Esq. by Richard Blagrove. London, C. Wheatstone & Co., Inventors and Patentees of the Concertina. 20, Conduit St., Regent St., W. Where may be had all Mr. Richard Blagrove's compositions. Price 6d. [No date. 11 pages.]
Posted 15 November 2005
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richards-a-blagrove-fantasia Blagrove: A Fantasia
by Alex Richards
Commentary on Richard Blagrove, Fantasia on English Airs. Originally published in Concertina Magazine (Australia), 6 (1983), 8–9.
Posted 15 November 2005
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blagrove-portrait Richard Blagrove Portrait
Portrait of Richard Blagrove from the studio of Debenham & Gabell, 158 Regent Street, London. Inscribed "Faithfully yours, Richard M. Blagrove".
Posted 15 November 2005
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blagrove-tutor-biblio Bibliographical Note on Blagrove, Instruction Book
by Randall C. Merris
Bibliographic reference (only) in Randall C. Merris, Instruction Manuals for the English, Anglo, and Duet Concertina: An Annotated Bibliography:
Blagrove, Richard Manning, Instruction Book for the Study of the Concertina, Comprising Elementary and Progressive Exercises. London: Cramer, Wood & Co., 1864 (through the 3rd, rev. ed., J. B. Cramer & Co., c. 1903). “Blagrove (1826/27-1895) was a major figure among classical concertina performers and arrangers. He was a member of the Case-Blagrove-Regondi-Sedgwick quartet (founded in 1844), gave hundreds of concertina recitals, including one in 1868 at Windsor Castle at the invitation of Queen Victoria, and actively commissioned chamber music for the instrument. Blagrove’s father (also Richard) and brothers, Henry Gamble and William, were well-known violinists; see Atlas, The Wheatstone English Concertina, especially Chapters 4-6, and on the family, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2nd ed., ed. Stanley Sadie and John Tyrrell (London: Macmillan, 2001) 3, 670-671.” (Full tutor not available.)
Posted 01 April 2003
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richard blagrove portrait
Richard Blagrove, in a portrait by Debenham & Gabell, London


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gaskins-lachenal-sisters-edinburgh The Lachenal Sisters Visit Edinburgh, 1865–1866
by Robert Gaskins
At Christmas of 1865–1866, three young daughters of the late Louis Lachenal gave a series of concerts in Edinburgh introducing “concerted music” played on treble, tenor, and bass concertinas. We think this was also exactly the period when Lachenal & Co. had lost their contract to manufacture concertinas for Wheatstone, making it important to publicize Lachenal’s own brand. Based on clippings from The Scotsman newspaper, Edinburgh, notices of concerts and reviews, October 1865 through January 1866.
Posted 01 February 2005
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merris-marie-lachenal Marie Lachenal: Concertinist
by Faye Debenham and Randall C. Merris
New photographs, genealogical data, and information about Marie Lachenal, eldest of Louis Lachenal’s daughters, and about her family life as the wife of the photographer Edwin Debenham. First published in PICA [Papers of the International Concertina Association], Vol. 2 (2005), pp. 1–17. The web version adds large colour photographs and additional information which has been discovered since the text went to print.
Posted 15 November 2005
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