Posted 27 September 2004

How to Play the Concertina,
by John Hill Maccann

Robert Gaskins

How to Play the Concertina:
English, Anglo, German, and Duet Instruments

by J. H. Maccann, C.A.M.

A new document has been discovered, a booklet authored by John Hill Maccann. It is reliably dated to 1902, and this copy was discovered in Australia where Professor Maccann was making an extended performing tour during that year.

The text of the document consists of two parts: (1) a part of the "how to play" text from Maccann's earlier publication The Concertinist's Guide (1888); and (2) an interview with Professor Maccann reprinted from The Era theatrical newspaper of London, issue of 25 January 1902.

In addition to the text, the booklet contains some new photographs of Maccann, including the first known photographs of him playing the concertina. There is a formal portrait engraving of Maccann, inscribed "Yours ever, J H Maccann". There is a one-page extract from Maccann's tutor, a sample program of a recital by Maccann with an advertisement of his offering lessons, a list of phonograph records for sale recorded by Maccann, and a catalogue of some of Maccann's published music compositions. There is an illustration of a trade mark (no. 164,303) registered by Maccann on 21 April 1892.

Physically, the booklet measures about 5 inches (125mm) by 7 1/2 inches (190mm). It consists of four pieces of paper folded once and printed on both sides (16 pages), plus one inserted sheet with an engraving of Professor Maccann (one-sided). It is saddle-stitched with staples through the fold.

The account of Maccann's life is basically correct, but imprecise in details. For example, Maccann says that he started performing in London in 1882, but newspapers record his performances there in 1881. Maccann dates his first tour of North America to 1889-90, but mentions in the New York Times and the Brooklyn Eagle establish that tour as taking place in 1890-91. The number for Maccann's trade mark is published here as "104,303" but the original documents he deposited with his application for registration are clearly marked "164,303". So the account here should be treated with some caution; much more detailed documentation of Professor Maccann's life, family, travels, and career will be published in the foreseeable future.

From the collection of the National Archives of Australia: Patent Library, Museum, and Art Gallery of South Australia; AP476/4, Applications etc. for registration of copyright of literary, dramatic and musical productions, pictures, etc., 1 January 1878–31 December 1906; B630/1995274, J H Maccann book How to play the Concertina, 1902. [Australian copyright expired 50 years after the end of the year of John Hill Maccann's death.]

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Professor John Hill Maccann
discloses how to play
any kind of concertina
in only eighteen pages.

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