Posted 07 March 2005

Lachenal Mystery Postcard

Robert Gaskins

This is a mysterious postcard which appeared on eBay in March 2005. The card is dated 03 January 1928, and is in answer to an inquiry dated 28 December 1927.

The card is addressed to the inquirer: Mr. A. Ribeiro, 9 Rua Cima de Vila, PORTO, Portugal, and is sent from Lachenal’s address of 4 & 6 Little James Street, Gray’s Inn Road, London, W.C.1.

The card says:


Dear Sir,
          Your letter d/- 28th ult to hand.

          We are sorry but we cannot do what you
request.  We would sooner lose business than stoop
to such practices.

                   We are,
                           Yours truly,

                           Lachenal & Co.


lachenal mystery postcard front
Lachenal Mystery Postcard, front.
lachenal mystery postcard back
Lachenal Mystery Postcard, back.

(The card is now in the collection of Stephen Chambers.)

Front of the mysterious
postcard from Lachenal, 1928


  • Lachenal Mystery Postcard

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